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Internet Forex Guide
Forex trading has become very popular with the advent of the internet. There are so many different brokers out there and literally millions more

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Forex trading is highly popular online and another advantage of the online arena is that it can be 24/7 since all of the markets more

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ForexYard Online Forex Broker

Forex Top Review
ForexYard  Forex Broker FOREXYARD is one of the newer online brokers out there, but they have many different features that will draw customers to them. ForexYard already have a five figure number according to their statistics and that number promises to do nothing but grow with the passage of time.
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ForexYard Homepage
Quick Brokers Facts
Foundation Year: 2004
Location: Virgin Islands (British)
Regulation: -
Platforms: FOREXYARD trading software
OS: Windows
Max Leverage: 200:1
Currency Pairs: 16
Spreads: 2-17
Min. Deposit: $100
Minimum Transaction: $1000
Bonus: $1,000 Bonus on deposit of $10,000
Phone: + 1-212-796-6939
Address: Waterfront Drive, Geneva Place
Road Town, Tortola 3321
Virgin Islands (British)
Money Trading
  Features of ForexYard Online Trading
The two main features that ForexYard online Forex trading brings to the table are flexibility and information. Flexibility is present in their java-based and iPhone app renditions of their trading platform, giving people the chance to do trading a number of different ways. Information is present in all of the quick updates that take place on a regular basis, allowing people not only to follow news that might affect currency prices but also to follow the prices themselves with a very small lag time between what actually happens and what gets reported in the platform.

Account Types
Generally speaking, ForexYard offers four different account choices. SuperMini accounts are the ones for beginners, containing a minimum deposit of $100 and a leverage of 200:1 on that deposited money. These are full-fee Forex trading accounts. People that are interested in trading other things like gold, silver and oil or would simply like a larger lot size per trade without fees attached would prefer the Standard account which comes with these perks but also requires a deposit of $1000 minimum.

Payment Options
Depositing money into your Forexyard account can be done with the following payment methods:
Diner’s Club International
Bank Transfer

As for the actual platform, Forexyard tends to favor the more professorial approach to online currency trading. A quick look at the screen will show you a graphical representation of the price of your chosen currency pair as well as information in numerical charts on both sides of the screen. You can configure this screen fully to show whatever information you’d like to see and while it does have a somewhat higher learning curve than the platforms of brokers that focus specifically on new traders, the fact of the matter is that learning this platform will give you access to more information faster than those other software packages.

Help for Beginners
If you are a beginner at Forexyard, you can start with a virtual guided tour of the place where you learn about all of the features mentioned above as well as the support structure of the website. You can then read through the manual to learn even more, getting help with elements of technical analysis that will allow you to understand a bit more about the trades you are making. ForexYard also offers a blog which is constantly updated with new information that you can inhale at your leisure.

Security is a big deal at ForexYard and that is why their website is secured with technology provided by COMODO. This is one of the most secure sites that you will encounter online period let alone within the Forex trading industry.

Overall, FOREXYARD is a great new website that is only going to improve with time. Eventually, it could become the best website around as even now it is certainly in the top group.

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Risk Warning: Trading in forex and Contracts for Difference (CFDs) is highly speculative and involves a significant risk of loss. Such trading is not suitable for all investors so you must ensure that you fully understand the risks before trading.
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